The Standard Beginner Dota 2 Experience

The Standard Beginner Dota 2 Experience

You know when I downloaded Dota for the first time, I got it thinking it was going to be an MMO lmao. Back then (this was in like 2017) there was no fancy UI or tutorials or anything, it looked very depressing with its grunge-like aesthetics, and there was a very steep learning curve where if you wanted to learn about anything regarding the game or the strats, you would most likely have to go to an external site to learn about it.

Knowing absolutely nothing about MOBAs or even knowing that Dota was a MOBA to begin with, I loaded up the game and went through the tutorial. The tutorial back in the day (I have no idea what its like now) was basically you play as Dragon Knight to learn the basics of hero mechanics and you use Luna to learn the basics of the game mechanics. This sort of fed into the power fantasy as both were very easy heroes to come to grips with. I had no friends that would be willing to play PC games at all let alone Dota, so I went into my first match blind, you can probably still find the match on dota buff somewhere but it was an absolute shit-show. The next few matches weren't any better. I had no idea what I was doing, zero knowledge on how lanes and roles work, and in general I was just absolute ass at everything. To make things worse I didn't know in-game guides were a thing that would tell you what item build and what ability to build to go with. So I was levelling up the abilities I felt like getting, I was building zero items and was instead spending that money on 50 salves because in my head, you have something that you can use to get HP back from, you can use that forever and nobody will be able to ever kill me, fair enough.

This kept going until I finally landed on Axe. Axe was the first hero that I got good at, partly because Axe is a very easy hero to play, you just use your Q and stand in one place and you win the fight, and other part because I had learned that to get good at Dota you will definitely at one point or another have to resort to learning via YouTube. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm still absolutely god-awful at the game, the max I broke in rank was low legend, but at least now I no longer get 20 salves thinking thats whats going to win me the game.

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